snapshots & glimpses of my life

SNOW.. Seek now!. Sense now! Say now!

SNOW – Seek now..? See now? Sense now? Say now?


Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow…

An experience… gift & blessing!

Not many will experience the time and the place where all dream to see..feel… touch the snow..

Yesterday I was patiently waiting for that dream to come and indeed it came true.

Last year we had a taste of it but this time it is really what I want and like to experience “SNOW.”

I woke up today at 4:00AM after I thank the Lord for another day. I immediately went near the window of my room and I was amazed to see the grounds with an immaculate white blanket of snow.  I was so fascinated to see it that I took a bath and prepared my camera and went down, walked around the vicinity of the monastery and took some shots of the place. I was moved to see the statue of our Blessed Mother surrounded, covered and clothed with the snow. So white… that conveyed to me that she is truly the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. ” Last night that was the first thing that came to my mind I have to take a photo of her and see the difference if the snow will continue the next day. Precisely there was a great difference.

After our daily mass I went up immediately and took my camera and went out and took photos again with my fellow brothers. We were like kids so cheerful and joyful to play with the snow. We enjoyed every moment and corner that we felt it was a good spot for us to laugh, smile, joke, shout and be happy. Ha! I was freezing taking pictures of my companions yet I was happy to see them happy. Nothing is greater than being happy when you see your confreres so happy.

Since we couldn’t stay long outside we went back to the monastery and had breakfast. Then I had my time for myself to recollect and prepare for my exams in Church History. Before I had my exams I had a chat with my classmate from the Missionaries of Africa. I shared to him that I was reflecting about the significance of the snow in our spiritual life. I told him I noticed that the snow falls quietly and it accumulates so fast that we don’t notice it. He too added it has the capacity to break a branch of the tree. Suddenly I told him how I wish our hearts and mind are as white as snow in terms of how we relate to God. Then he uttered we are still far from that. We stopped our conversation because it was time for me to render to my professor what I studied and knew about Church History.

When my exam ended we visited one of our friends who recently lost her mother just few days ago. It was providential that my classmate invited me to go with him since he knows also that person. For me I was happy to visit her and cheer her up in a situation that is difficult for her. Unexpected visit for  us  – [Bros. Vincent, Emmanuel. Itchan] but worth keeping for I know we made somebody happy by our presence.

All these experiences have made me reflect of the importance of the unexpected blessings God give us. We don’t know when, why and how and yet it comes. What adds beauty to this day is to see people enjoying, smiling and laughing with what they experienced of what nature and God offers.  This moment may not come again and I don’t want to let this day pass without writing my thoughts. These are thoughts of wonder, joy, peace and happiness.

Most of all this day the Blessed Mother wants to bring a message for me and that is to preserve the value of “PURITY” in my heart – he..he.. and I did that today seeing the snow, I approached one priest this morning for confession..Hmmm… my experiences today are linked with each other…

Let it snow..let it snow… Seek God’s amazing love!


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snapshots & glimpses of my life

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