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Philosophy  of Blessing

I have come to understand life as full of blessings. Everyday my heart is overwhelmed with the plethora of blessings. My existence is the truth of blessing. In effect as I wake up every morning I am fascinated by the wonders of blessings. It is the reason why I joyfully move on. I see “the myself” as the fullness of God’s blessings. This is the nucleus of my Philosophy. What makes me live with passion inheres in my Philosophy of Blessing.



“Blessed be God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ

who has bestowed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in Him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before Him.”                                                                                                       (Eph 1: 3- 6)

Philosophically God is considered as the first cause of all beings and source of all perfections. These are at the same time truly possessed by Him. It solely tells us all the values and riches of participating beings are there in God. In fact He is the only source of  all perfections per se.

Theologically blessings are similitude of perfections possessed by man. Blessing is a divine and life giving action, the source of which is the Father, His blessing is both word and gift. It affirms the fact, from the beginning until the end of time the whole of God’s work is a blessing.

I am always enraptured with these thoughts. God who is the Supreme Giver is the fountain of all blessings. The disposition to heartily say life is a blessing goes beyond my thoughts, because it descends to the earnest longings of my soul. For one could not but be passionately drawn to the Giver of blessings When one considers everything as a blessing he is ready to accept what he has in life. He allows the pre-existing efficient cause endowed with divine power to work in his life. Nobody else can provide blessings as such more than a generous and perfect giver: God

This truth is best conveyed in the lines of Steve Green’s song;

“He who began a good work in you

will be faithful to complete it

He who started the work

will be faithful to complete in you”

God the first cause of all things freely communicates His existence and goodness which from the beginning He blessed all living beings especially man and woman. This permeating infinite goodness of God moves me on how He wholly impresses His creatures and the richness of His Self as He creates. His love is so gracious that He communicates it freely and generously. God who began the work will be the one to complete it, who is all perfect and abounding in love.



Every good gift and every perfect present Comes form heaven;

It comes down form God, the Creator Of heavenly light 

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(James 1:17)


Interminable reasons can be formulated in the minds of human beings why the world was created by God. Nevertheless we still cannot give a complete account what is God’s main purpose. We may not comprehend His reasons but we are assured that God, the Ipsum Esse Subsistens have thought about it before. Important as it is, the world possesses its own intrinsic value; we consider everything as instrumental for us.

As the psalmist exclaims “O Lord how wonderful are your works,” God created the world according to His wisdom. Not something out of chance or necessity but the Supreme Being Himself created the world for it proceeds from His own will which results for all creatures to share in His being. God created and ordered a good world.

This is best expressed in the analogy of an empty cup, God fills the empty cup. Time will come the cup will be filled by the content poured upon it and it will certainly overflow. Somehow this image illustrates the Source of all blessings that uphold and sustain the world. The creator does not abandon His creation. He does not only give them being and existence but also in every juncture shows up and protracts them in a city-state of journeying toward an ultimate perfection yet to be attained.

“By his providence God protects and governs all things which He has made, reaching mightily form one end of the earth to the other, and ordering all things well. For all are open and laid bare to His eyes, even those things which are yet to come into existence through the action of creatures

                                                  (Vatican Council I, Dei Filius: ) 


Certainly the world posits the expressions of God’s existence and goodness were one learns to discern the will of God. He resonates from the love of God. Mystic and artists come to my mind where by the fact has the passionate love to dote upon the world as a blessing. Amazement cloaks their hearts the moment they gaze on the beauty of the world. Thus a picturesque view starts to exist in their mind.

Ultimately the world is seen in these elated lines:

“The world and all creatures will be to you nothing else than an open book and a living Bible, in which you may say study without, an previous instruction, the science of God and form which you may learn His will.”

Sebastian Franck

As it is expressed in Psalms 64, God assures us as He visits the earth, He fills it with abundance….

“Praise belongs to you, O God, in Zion;  Here people come to fulfill their vows, All mortals ascend to you, O God, who answers prayers;

With awesome deeds of righteousness, you answer us, O God our Savior, hope of all distant islands.

By your power the mountains were formed.

By your strength the seas are calmed;

You lull the roaring of their roaring of waves

And the turmoil of the nations

Those who dwell at the ends of the earth, stand in awe of your marvelous deeds. You make joyful the dawn and the coming of the dusk

You water the land and care for it, enriching it with natural resources. God’s streams are filled with water;

People are provided with grain; for it is you who have ordained it so.”

The world becomes a vessel of blessing. Where creatures created by the Supreme Being give praise and glory to Him to all He has given.


“Bless the Lord my soul; all my being bless His holy name;  Bless the Lord, my soul and do not forget all His kindness;  He gives fulfillment to my years and renews my youth like the eagle’s” Psalm 103: 1,2,5


Man has the fundamental desire for happiness that needs to be satisfied. As he is created in the image and likeness of God, he bears a certain resemblance. His manifold perfections, truth, goodness and beauty all reflect the infinite perfections of God. Perfections are blessings which becomes the starting point in attributing everything to the Perfect Good. Man – fullness of God’s blessings.

As a person I am a recipient of God’s blessings. The mere fact God conceived me in His mind before I was born is without a doubt a blessing. My existence meant that the Divine Being has destined Himself to share His life forever. A proof indeed of how I am UNIQUELY PRECIOUS to Him. Captured with this outlook because of God’s abundant blessings I am able to recognize Him truly as SUPREMELY LOVING. His blessings give meaning, joy and passion in my existence.

God is the only “culmen et fons” of blessings He definitely gave witness to His almighty love when He breathed in me and gave me existence. My Existence! My Blessing! His Precious Blessing! This is God’s plan of loving goodness to show forth and communicate His glory. I “the myself” is the fullness of His blessings. I share in His truth and goodness and beauty – this is the glory for which He created me.

God is the Plenitude of Being – A Necessary Being. I as a contingent being receives my existence from His Esse. For nothing exists that does not owe his existence to God the Creator. My existence, a perfection with the particular goodness He communicated, makes me fully human. The all knowing God knows completely my being even the unexpressed desire of my heart. He who perfectly desires Himself likewise desires everything other than Himself. I partake in His Divine goodness which is His Divine essence.

Blessings are necessarily rooted upon the love of God. His love is most perfect. I who experience His love cannot but love Him most.  He makes me deeper in love with Him. His love never fails. For the times I do not recognize His loving providence. God untiringly showers His blessings. God still pours His blessings even in the darkest moments of my existence. He alone can give a real and undying fullness in my very subjectivity. Only He can satisfy the depth of my soul as express in the lines of one of my much loved song of Don Moen;

                                                “There is a longing
only You can fill
A raging tempest
only You can still
My soul is thirsty Lord
to know You as I’m known
Drink from the river
that flows before Your throne”


God’s blessing as such is a real encounter with His gracious love. His blessings are expressed in various ways. I can totally be “Me” because of His blessings. I can convincingly attribute everything as God’s blessings. The tragedies and turmoil I personally experienced are blessings. For I fully recognize the value of my existence I owe from God. Blessings are not bounded by time. They can be everywhere, anywhere, anytime. It is because of these blessings I am let out of my isolation to a sense of “AHA” or wonder in my human existence.  Blessings certainly overflow in the realm of my mind and feelings. It ascends to the full realization of “the myself.”

Cognizant of these blessings I received from the Divine Giver, I am part of the fullness of God’s blessings. Indeed “the myself,” is uniquely precious in His love. As I can truly express every moment of my existence, “God loves me more and more.” He has solely blessed my life. St. John conveys this precious love in his lines, “All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.”

Receiving all these blessings form God. I am actuated to share His blessings to the realm of others blessings. By His blessings I become a blessing to other existence. What I freely received must be freely shared to others. This is what gives meaning and color to my existence now. Life may go well or not but still they are in accordance with God’s blessings. As a matter of fact of my vocation to follow Christ is a blessing of the Great I Am. He has clothed me the newness of life which He has graciously given me. Because of this, my existence becomes an unveiling blessing which is the greatest blessing of God for me.

I want to look at myself as a mystery of God’s blessings. Until now, the battle to survive in life pervades, struggle continues, but I still hold on to my conviction like a pearl that everything is a blessing. I did not own anything. My God-given talents, intelligence and other perfections come only from the Supreme Giver.

God has provided abundant blessings. Each blessing I experience enriches other blessings, for my existence is fueled by energy which flows from Him. All that I am, all that I do, all that I have is a blessing which I owe from the Perfect Giver.

My existence teaches me to recognize all my blessings. For the fountain and source of all blessings truly gives every moment. Through this, my Philosophy of blessing is alive. I live through the perfection of God which He handed upon me.

God gave me existence.

My existence is a blessing.

I was born to live to His Blessing

And was born to be a Blessing!


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    Keep YOUR LIFE focused always on JESUS in the prism of the eyes and the pastoral heart of DON BOSCO!

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